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Convert From PPC Model to World Class Startups Using our Contrib/Vnoc Venture Model

Switch from ppc model to full blown companies
Contrib/VNOC Data Management
1. Add your portfolio

Add your portfolio and instantly data will be coming in from different servers housed upon a cloud infrastructure that allows total security and control of data in and out of the VNOC Platform.

Contrib Builder
2. Build Your Brand

Our brand builder has simple frameworks that converts visitors to contributors and instantly turning a $9 domain to a full fledged venture through a series of custom and default frameworks straight from the developers network.

Contrib Network
3. Instantly create your contributor network

Contrib quickly allows your venture to instantly create your contributor network of ideas, articles, links, videos, challenges, and people.

Successful Ventures
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What is VNOC?

VNOC is our data and management center that has all the tools to get your startup and business to succeed. VNOC houses the best brands in the world and harnesses the power of cloud infrastructure to keep data flowing and integrated tools for lead management, monetization, social branding, account warehousing and app integrations.

Contrib and VNOC Tools
  • STEP 1.

    Let VNOC manage your non performing portfolio.

    Its so easy to drop domains and choose an appropriate framework thats integrated with our Contrib and VNOC tools. Domains that are added immediately increase in theoretical value almost immediately taking your $100 domain to a $10,000 venture.

    VNOC Management
  • Tony Caputo

    For me the benefit of Contrib is having a direct channel to talk to our users in different levels. As a Co-Founder,
    building relationships with users and getting input from them as well as getting relevant and important data is key to being successful in my
    day to day work, and Contrib is a great tool for that and much more.

    Tony Caputo,

  • Contrib and VNOC tools
    STEP 2.

    Immediately Increase Value to your Ventures

    With our proprietory tools and our Contrib network, you could launch your new venture and have people managing it within a month of being in the model.

  • Maida Barrientos

    Contrib allows everyone and I mean everyone to put their ideas out there without the fear of rejection or duplication
    and be able to get the community to act on them is a great concept.

    Maida B.,

  • STEP 3.


    With our Contrib widget and tools, let your Contrib network contribute, manage and build your ventures in return for equity points, and revenue share. Check out our tools here.

  • Partnership marketplace
    STEP 4.


    Manage your partnerships and referrals and match them against your venture.

  • STEP 5.


    You can manage your equity via

    STEP 6.


    Brands in the same vertical help each other out with our vertical tools and partnership management.

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