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What We Do

We create platforms, mechanisms and processes to help build and distribute awesome companies. Join and Contribute to our growing network of featured tools, opportunities and service tasks, Join a Team Today.

Our network and tool sets help startups get to market faster, cheaper, smarter with management and scaling build in from the ground up.

We streamline, automate and outsource functions like Content, Admin, Promotions and Social so our team leaders and founders can focus on creating amazing companies.

We have build a proprietary webmanagement system called VNOC with powerful API's that allow other contributors to build and sell tools, plugins and add-ons to our network of over 100,000 contributors.

Can you work independently, have passion, respect others and want to learn and be around other great people doing amazing things? Join our team and help build and integrate great new tools, products, and services that make lives better.

Forgot to mention, We have great Perks :)

What We Are Currently Looking For :

PHP Software Engineers

Develop PHP front-end (HTML,jQuery and PHP), MobileWeb (HTML 5, jQuery Mobile), and Full Stacks. Help scale and manage hardware performance, backups, security, , team leads and software integrations

iOS Engineers

Develop iPhone & iPad native apps.

Analytics Expert & Growth Marketing Specialist

Analytics, A/B testing, cohort analysis, viral sharing, gamification, SEO, etc.

Market and Community Manager

Proactively develop relationships with developers, designers and distribution channels to build cool new keyword focused tools
Screen & filter applicants, provide support, provide feedback and analysis, handle problems and complaints.

Are you a good fit?

Are you running your own business or working part-time on other projects that your passionate about? Love entrepreneurship and learning new things and meeting great new people that later become your best friends? Do you have ambitions of being a founder of a meaningful and successful company? Do You live, breathe and eat building great code, designing awesome things or seeing your skill sets really being utilized, all while knowing your doing something good?

Do you like to have fun, grab a beer and people watch. You believe, like us, that life is short and should be enjoyed and pursued with vigor.

Do you get sh*t done fast, but with quality? Are you productive yet smooth under deadlines? Do You work hard and focus to create work/life balance.

Are you comfortable with the chaos, scarce resources ups and downs that come with working at a startup? is a new crowdsourcing platform that builds and manages great companies around premium URL's. We hope you consider joining us today and come along for the global ride.