How it Works?

We build businesses on premium URL’s and give CONTRIB members equity compensation grants for hourly and performance based results, plus cash bonuses and other great perks. Process, Automation, Transparency and a powerful proprietary VNOC software helps accelerate speed and quality of creating, managing and monetizing a growth company quickly. Professionals working Part-Time on lucrative passion projects.

Our Model

Join as a Founding Member, Jump on an existing company or execute eServices for the 10,000+ companies within the network, Part-Time.


Step 1 : Apply

Apply for a partnership by going to our marketplace.

Step 2 : Interview

Setup for a series of interviews and meetings on Skype.

Step 3 : Legal

Check legal files and documents for approval.

Step 4 : Access Partnership Portal

We give the greenlight to make you partner and you will now have access to our partners platform and project.

Team Members

Step 1 : Apply

Apply for a team member job or just submit your application directly by going to our Jobs marketplace. Before you can apply you need to level up with your profile but basically filling them up plus inviting people to join Contrib will do just fine.

Step 2 : Interview

Get ready for a series of interviews and meetings through Skype.

Step 3 : Trainee Status

Once application is approved, you will be automatically a brand team member and can contribute in the site's development. While waiting for the Admin to approve your application, you can complete a very simple task like completing your profile and Trainee Leveling. This will help you have more chance on being a part of the team.

Step 4 : Tasks

Check back daily on Contrib to review and mark your tasks.

iProfile Member

Step 1 : Profile

Fill up your profile.

Step 2 : Invite people

Share Contrib with your team, your family and your friends.

Step 3 : Talk about Contrib

Discuss Contrib projects within Contrib and on popular social networks.

Step 4 : Team member

If you’re a team member then you automatically will be an iprofile member.

Make Money

Step 1 : eService Requests

If you are an iProfile member then you will have access to eService requests where you can take part in fulfilling small 1 to 3 minute tasks and get money in your Paypal account.

Step 2 : Equity

After you complete an x amount of tasks and have a good rating with the brand and the Contrib community, you can now seek for equity opportunities with the companies you have joined and applied for.


Step 1

Send in your ideas

Step 2

Let the crowd vote for it.

Step 3

Get the crowd to discuss it.

Step 4

We greenlit it for development.