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Nickelodeon Drops Full List Of Shows Returning For All-90s Channel

After weeks of being an unscrupulous tease, Nickelodeon has at least revealed details about its all-90s, all-nighter TV channel The Splat, and most importantly, which TV shows are going to be on it. CC: 90s KIDS BECAUSE ONLY YOU WILL REMEMBER THESE. In the U.S., The Splat is going to be on from 10pm to 6am EST starting October 5th, which means at some point, at Nickelodeon HQ, one executive MUST had said to the other: "You know what? Our target audience is going to be high as fuck. Let's give the people what they want." http://www.pedestrian.tv/news/entertainment/nickelodeon-drops-full-list-of-shows-returning-for/ba4cc757-4b31-4f0e-a728-025f3eb438db.htm
posted in Channel by Lucille Conde Jun 21,2016 02:43 am