Reduce, Reuse, Recycle by EarthChallenge

Reduce- the amount of resources and supplies needed to maintain an optimal value proposition to our customers, our operations and our environment.

Reuse- We have both an incinerator and a compactor to maximize the size and usage of our waste footprint.  We plan on creating an energy redistribution systems including energy systems with our asset, Food Systems and waste systems.

Recycle-  Separating  all remaining cardboard, plastics other recycling options used on board.

What- Platform for Effective Change using Gamification and Personalized Ecosystems

    Why- Climate Change- DO something BIG, NOW to protect the Oceans, Air and Earth

    How- Technology, Process, Strategy, Business Models, Communications, Transparency

    Who- Passionate Entrepreneurs, Techies, Burners and other Professionals

When- Oct- Funding, Nov- Dev/Ops, Dec- Open, 2019-2020- Getting After it

Where- Phase 1, Key West on a self contained 75,000 sq. ft. vessel called (EARTH)

    Impact Programs-

Next Steps-  Help us spread the word and engage others that can help by joining using our referral platform or joining today. (JoinNOw)


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