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Contrib Excalibur Nextjs Template Challenge

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Challenge Details

Introducing the Concept

We’re on a quest to create a Next.js template that does two mind-blowing things:

  • Self-updates: Like a mythical creature that regenerates, this template evolves with each contribution. Think of it as a GitHub repo that drinks from the Fountain of Eternal Updates.
  • Central Management: Approved users wield the power to manage the site via our central app on, acting as guardians of this digital realm.

Why You Should Join This Quest

  • Become a Digital Deity: Leave your mark on a project that could redefine how we think about web templates.

  • Flex Your Next.js Muscles: Show off your skills and possibly learn a new trick or two.

  • Community Glory: Be part of an elite team that dares to dream big and deliver something unique.

How It Works – The Magic Behind the Curtain

  • The Proposal Arena: Submit your ideas for what this Next.js template could be. A portfolio that updates with your latest GitHub commit? A blog that auto-publishes your midnight musings from a Markdown file? The sky’s the limit.
  • The Forge of Approval: Ideas will be vetted by our team of wise wizards (aka the project admins). If your idea shines brightest, it becomes the chosen one.
  • The Circle of Contributors: Once an idea is selected, it’s all hands on deck. Contribute code, documentation, spells, and potions (okay, maybe not potions) to bring the concept to life.
  • The Command Center: Approved guardians (that’s you, if you wish) can manage the site directly from, ensuring the template remains not only a beacon of innovation but also a fortress of security and efficiency.

Your Call to Action

  • Contribute Your Idea: Have a concept that fits our mission? Share it! Your brainchild could lead the charge.

  • Lend Your Skills: Whether it’s coding, design, documentation, or offering moral support, there’s a place for you.

  • Spread the Word: Know a fellow coder who’s itching for a challenge? Bring them into the fold!

Ready to Make History?

More Details
Mission Briefing: Fellow developers, imagine a world where a Next.js template isn’t just a template. It’s a living, breathing entity, evolving with every contribution, managed from the nerve center of Sounds like a sci-fi movie? Well, it’s about to become reality, and you're being recruited for the mission!

The Ultimate Prize Package Awaits You!

Dare to dream? Step into the limelight and grab your chance to not just win, but truly redefine what's possible in the tech world with our unparalleled prize package. Here's what awaits the visionary minds ready to challenge the status quo:

Exclusive Partnership Opportunity

Join the Tech Elite: Secure a coveted partnership with DevChallenge,, and This isn't just a reward; it's a golden ticket to innovation's inner circle. As part of our exclusive network, you'll have the unique opportunity to collaborate on cutting-edge projects, gain insider access to industry secrets, and make your mark on the tech landscape.

A Generous Stake in Tomorrow

Invest in Your Future: Elevate your portfolio with 50,000 ESH of, valued at an astonishing $54,598.92 with each share standing at $1.09. This substantial equity stake is more than a prize; it's a leap towards securing your future in the tech industry, offering you a share of success in a pioneering enterprise.

First Dibs on Challenge Teams

Lead the Way: Gain an exclusive advantage with first dibs on selecting your challenge team or project. This privilege puts you in the driver's seat, allowing you to align with a team that matches your vision, expertise, and drive, setting the stage for a collaboration that could very well redefine industry norms.

Why This Prize?

We believe innovation thrives on recognition, support, and opportunity. Our grand prize package is designed not just to reward your brilliance but to catapult you into a realm of endless possibilities. Whether it's through the partnership, the equity stake, or the unique chance to pick your dream team, these rewards are tailored to empower you, highlight your achievements, and propel you forward on your journey of innovation.

Ready to Claim Your Destiny?

Embrace the challenge, unleash your potential, and join a community of trailblazers poised to make history. With every line of code, you're not just coding; you're crafting your legacy. Your journey to greatness starts here — let's see where it can take you!

Submission in Schedule
Start: 2024-04-08
End: 2024-05-31
From: 2024-06-01
To: 2024-06-08
Announcement of Winners
Criteria for Judging

In the quest to find groundbreaking projects that redefine what\\\'s possible, our panel of esteemed judges will be focusing on a blend of innovation, technical excellence, impact, and collaborative effort. Here’s what we\\\'re looking for in your submissions:

1. Innovation and Originality (25%)

Pioneering Ideas: We\\\'re seeking projects that push the boundaries of the conventional, offering new perspectives, solutions, or approaches. Your project should address existing challenges or uncover new opportunities in unique and creative ways.

2. Technical Execution and Excellence (25%)

Robust Development: Your project\\\'s technical foundation should be solid, showcasing clean, efficient, and scalable code. We\\\'ll look at how well you\\\'ve integrated technologies, the complexity of the problem solved, and the smoothness of the execution.

3. Design and User Experience (20%)

Intuitive and Engaging: Aesthetics matter, but so does functionality. Your project should not only look good but also offer an intuitive and seamless user experience. We\\\'ll evaluate the effectiveness of your design in communicating ideas and facilitating user interactions.

4. Impact and Application (20%)

Real-World Viability: The best projects have the potential to make a difference. We\\\'re interested in how your project can impact its intended audience or field. This could be through innovation, efficiency, accessibility, or by addressing critical needs.

5. Collaboration and Teamwork (10%)

Harmonious Creation: For team entries, the ability to collaborate effectively is key. We\\\'ll consider how your team has leveraged diverse skills, perspectives, and roles to enhance the project. This includes coordination, division of labor, and the integration of different ideas into a cohesive whole.

How to Enter

Ready to Dive Into the Challenge?

Joining [Challenge Name] is your first step toward showcasing your innovation, skills, and passion alongside a community of like-minded developers. Here’s how you can leap into action:

Step 1: Sign Up Through Our Official Form

Begin your journey by signing up through our official registration form. Simply head over to and fill in the necessary details. This form is your gateway to the challenge, ensuring you’re in the loop for all updates, resources, and announcements.

Step 2: Join Our DevChallenge Discord Community

The adventure doesn’t stop at sign-up! To truly immerse yourself in the [Challenge Name] experience, join our vibrant Discord community. Here’s where you’ll find:

  • Real-time support and guidance from our team and mentors

  • A space to collaborate, share ideas, and form teams

  • Access to exclusive resources, workshops, and AMAs

  • A chance to connect with fellow challengers and tech enthusiasts

[Invite Link to Discord Community]

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