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Global Connectivity as an answer to Global Challenges

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been growing at a vigorous rate for a few years. All the actors involved in the industry, including analysts, estimate that this growth rate will not only remain steady but will even catch up even more speed in the future. IoT applications are meant to become a revolution for the already-existing business areas: the self-driving connected car, smart homes, farming, handling and shipping of goods, security, smart cities, etc. Technological revolutions are not possible without having to overcome technical challenges first. The first challenge for an industry, that aims to connect billions of objects, is to enable the infrastructure and communications networks that will be needed to provide connectivity to those things.https://iot.telefonica.com/blog/global-connectivity-as-an-answer-to-global-challenges
posted in Global by Lucille Conde Jul 27,2016 02:17 am

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