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Gambling With Your Cyber Defense

Back in college, my fraternity had a monthly casino night. We’d rent all manner of table games, put on ESPN, invite our sister sorority over and proceed to bet on everything from Australian rules football to camel races in the Middle East. Each time, our house usually won enough money to host the next party and then some. I, on the other hand, always lost. As a result, I became a student of all-things Vegas, odds-making and how big-time gambling business works in general. As I dove into the subject, I quickly realized gambling is a serious business. One that serves as a time-tested model of near-guaranteed success. Dice Some of the first big lessons I learned from studying how Vegas operates explain why they’re so successful week in and week out. You see, odds-makers:http://www.securityweek.com/gambling-your-cyber-defense
posted in Gaming/Gambling by Lucille Conde Jul 27,2016 02:10 am