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Submit Your Framework For Partner-Distribution, Co-foundership and Passive Revenue

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Submit Your Framework For Partner-Distribution, Co-foundership and Passive Revenue



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Challenge Details

Submit Your Framework For Partner-Distribution, Co-foundership and Passive Revenue

More Details

CODEChallenge is geared for coders, development companies that have created scripts and frameworks for public, commercial or private use that we could add to our array of frameworks that can be run on our Contrib builder.


  1. Submit your script/s to Code Challenge

  2. Enter a live demo url where we could view your script/framework in action.

  3. We approve you or your company in our Code Challenge

  4. We then create a Contrib installer using our developer sdk.(http://developers.contrib.com)

  5. Contrib becomes your referral and vice versa, you will receive payment over any install.

  6. First live install should be free.

  7. You get featured as one of our partners in Contrib and the vertical you are related in.

  8. You will be co-founder for the first live install on the brand we both agree on.

It is a win-win-win situation for both of us and our partners. Is’nt it fun?

These are some of the specific types of entries that we want to see submitted. It could be a fork of an already created application or software or a totally new application in any of scalable frameworks - PHP or Ruby.

  • Clone of Squidoo or Hubpage - Content Directory - Viral article and autonomous curated news site where people could submit or create pages with ad sharing.

    • This could run these top brands.

      • iContent.com - 2500 members

      • Microblog.com - 759 members

      • MyChannel.com - 533 members

  • Affiliate Referral Portal - a viral affiliate community tool that allows a user to check out top affiliate programs within a specific referral program. - For eg.  -  top programs or products in clickbank

    • This could run these great brands

      • affiliatesuite.com

      • clicknetwork.com

  • Clone of Twitter or a Micro-Chat Framework,Forum or Board - A chat/forum script that is simple, scalable, fun to setup and could turn into a chatroom for each topic. Embeddable into other sites or pages.

This framework could run these sites :

  • Educationboard.com - 3679 members

  • IPBoard.com - 970

  • Clone of JustinTV, Netflix, IMDB, Hulu, Youtube, or a Streaming Application that you own - A video streaming application or framework that should be free, could allow monetization from ads, internal or external and a small social community

    • This framework could run these sites

      • Streaming.com

      • streaming.org

      • Moviestream.com

  • Clone of Linkedin, Facebook - Niche social network - This will allow  integration of Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook pages into a more comprehensive niche community network.

  • Clone of StackExchange,  Q&A Creator - A Q&A creator that allows anyone to create their own Q&A hub that can be embeddable in any site


  1. Equity points will be awarded by the judges
  2. Cash prizes will be awarded
  3. You will be featured in our developer vertical and our challenge vertical composing of 4000k sites.


  • Submission in Schedule

    Start: 2019-03-25

    End: 2019-12-28

  • Judging

    From: 2019-12-30

    To: 2019-12-30

  • Announcement of Winners


Criteria for Judging

  1. Codebase should be use our api/sdk
  2. Codebase should be able to work in linux flavors
  3. Relevance to the theme and objective.