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Kessler Mansion is a former HGTV extreme home and been under renovation for the past 6 years. With updated amenities and unique features that include quartz walls, various size windows, floating staircases and creative ceiling textures, the estate caters to various groups. Centrally located and within 15 minutes downtown, 10 minutes to fairgrounds and 5 minutes to Broadripple, Kessler Mansion can cater from 2 to 2000 people. Visiting accommodations , hosting an event or wedding or looking for longer term for you and your family, we have the facility. The estate consists of 26,000 total sq. ft with 3 large buildings, pool house and a cozy and classy apartment. Truly one of the Midwest most unique homes, we are for the first time opening up the estate for leasing. The facility is monitored by state of the art wireless security systems along with remote video surveillance for your protection. Strict guidelines and rules apply.

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