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iFund, i-Fund
Stable Asset System -iFund is a blockchain based insurance system and mechanism for digital smart entities in the Contrib network.. The smart contract platform currently backs and stabilizes entity value of ESH through a dynamic pledging system. iFund is truly the first automated insurance system for digital assets, onchain.

How do ideas get picked?

Contrib receives idea submissions from the community and team members of the specific domain which composes of the domain owner and the project manager and venture leader has the ability to choose the best idea via VNOC.

Who's in control?

You and the team members are in control of the build out process. The core team influences the vision of the domain, standards for quality and evaluates which contributions are accepted. It consists of the most active and respected contributors on the app. As development progresses, contributors would comprise of the core team, and Contrib members.


The Contrib Idea platform is intended to allow everyone to vote and influence the direction of an idea.

How do I know if my idea gets picked?

If your idea gets picked up, then you will have a message pending on your Idea inbox.