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What is Contrib

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With Contrib, we let the crowd have a say by pushing ideas to the network, which then gets supported upon by the whole community. You can join and apply for a position in a team or work with eServices tasks for micro payments. You can partner with a brand or simply follow its progress.

Our simple brand builder allows brand and co-owners to quickly turn a $9 domain to a full fledged business through a series of custom and default frameworks straight from the developers network.

Data coming in from all the brands and different servers is housed upon a cloud infrastructure that allows total security and control of data in and out of the data warehouse.
posted in Business by Anne Gacer   Dec 09,2014 01:20 am
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Contribute part time and earn equity commented by Lucille Conde   Dec 10,2014 03:14 am
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There are a lot of open positions with Contrib Brands. Find out which interest you and feel free to apply and work remotely with virtual teams from around the globe.

A Whole new way of building a company in Contrib. You could choose the type of participation or contribution that you want. From generating ideas to doing quantifiable tasks.

You might have a product, service or company that would benefit from compwiz.com or that compwiz.com could benefit from yours. Synergy is a way of growing. Lets help each other grow.
commented by Anne Gacer   Dec 09,2014 02:41 am