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Graphite, Graphene and Gold

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“Lomiko’s work in 2014 has set the stage for the accelerated creation of value in 2015, stated A. Paul Gill, CEO “This news release outlines our direction and goals in 2015 for shareholders, analysts, the media and new venture investors looking for a company that is moving forward despite difficult market conditions.”

2014 Technology Highlights

• In August, Lomiko participated in the Graphene 3D Lab IPO. A $ 350,000 investment in the private 3D printing company eventually became the TSX listed Graphene 3D Lab which currently has a $ 44 Million market cap. This transaction provided proof of concept for our vision to create new technology ventures. It also provided Lomiko with over 4 Million shares in Graphene 3D Lab, which have traded as high as $2.50.

• Lomiko has also transferred our graphene super capacitor investment into 40% ownership of a US corporation, Graphene Energy Storage Devices (Graphene ESD), in anticipation of a similar transaction in 2015.

• Through our 100% owned subsidiary, Lomiko Technologies Inc., we have licensed the rights to manufacture and sell three power converter system designs and have acquired a pending supply contract for an existing customer from Megahertz Power Systems Ltd.
2014 Graphite Exploration Highlights

• Lomiko continued to explore our wholly owned Quatre Miles graphite property in the Province of Quebec. In July, 2014, we announced the discovery of 23 new high priority magnetic anomalies on this property.

• In September, Lomiko announced the acquisition of a 40% interest in Canada Strategic Minerals’ La Loutre Crystalline Flake Graphite Property in Quebec. The La Loutre property has since then been drilled and has produced very excellent results.
Corporate Highlights

• Lomiko was pleased to close financings for gross proceeds of $5,520,800 in March of 2014.

• Lomiko was approved for trading on the OTCQX Exchange in the USA in April, 2014 allowing new American investors there to participate in the growth and development of the Company.

• Lomiko has arranged for a Market-maker to provide liquidity to the market and a better trading experience for investors.

• Recently filed financial information for Q1 2015 indicates Lomiko has $ 4.04 Million of cash and cash equivalents, $ 7.7 Million in un-realized equity (Graphene 3D Lab shares) and $ 1.7 Million in exploration assets.
2015 Goals

Management is confident the work done on both technology and exploration puts Lomiko in an excellent position to capitalize on the coming graphene revolution.

• Lomiko Technologies goal is to create revenue from its licensing deals and e-commerce site and launch Lomiko Technologies as a new public company.

• Graphene 3D Lab is making significant progress in developing their business plan for revenue and profitability. Lomiko will continue to meet any graphite needs that arise from demand created.

• Graphene ESD will continue its development of energy storage devices and launch as a new public company in 2015.

• Lomiko Metals will focus on creating a resource estimate and PEA for the La Loutre Graphite Property located near the Imerys Graphite and Carbon Mine in Quebec.

• Lomiko will also drill deep gold targets at the 100%-owned Vines Lakes Project in Cassiar, B.C. which is adjacent to the historic Table Mountain Mine.

• Lomiko will launch an extensive advertising and brand awareness campaign designed to focus attention on our new products.
In a difficult market for junior exploration companies we have managed to stand out as an innovative, agile and forward-looking company. Our technology investments provide a counter balance to the junior resource market.

At the same time, we believe that by concentrating on finding high grade, near surface, graphite deposits, we will position Lomiko to be a low cost graphite producer when the time comes to mine graphite.
posted in Business by Paul Gill   Jun 14,2015 11:58 am