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Perfect type of Anarkali for your body type

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Call it a party or a festival or just a general function, Anarkalis have always been the first choice of any girl. It is indeed the most coveted garment for any occasion. Most of the Anarkalis are royally crafted for Indian market and the designs and the embroidery is loved by all. To high class society girls to a middle class girl, Anarkali is that dress which everyone like to dress.

Usually Anarkalis look good on every body structure and it enhances the beauty just by the craftsmanship. However, it happens sometimes that this world class dress fails to impress. One who follows the latest fashion trends and whose wardrobe is full of latest attires cannot blindly trust this ethnic dress if the event in important. There are special shape and cuts of Anarkalis that can match your body structure:

Pear Shaped:

Most of the Indian women are pear shaped, they have narrow shoulders with a lean upper body and broad hips. If Pear shaped women wants to wear Anarkalis then flowing Anarkalis will go with their body structure. With a plunging v-shaped neck lines that matches with the upper body and somehow it gives an effect of a balanced structure. If you are not comfortable with the flowing Anarkalis then we would recommend the Floor length anarkalis, with a double toned suits that has light colors on the upper body and complete contradictory color on the lower will surely give you a light.

Hourglass Shape:

Derived its name from the sand’s hourglass, this is the most perfect body shape. With a proportionate bust and hip defines the body in the perfect way. Girls and Ladies with this body shape can wear any all the shape of anarkalis. High neck or a deep neck; flowing anarkali touching the ground; little summer breeze touching the waist where you tied your favorite anarkail – everything will go well it your perfect shape body.

Rectangular Shape:

There are straight athletic women who lack curves, so one should wear something that gives an illusion of curves is recommended. Well fitted suits would go nice on your body, you can also wear those anarkalis that has a huge ghera below the waist. This ghera will create a structure and volume for your straight shaped body.

Dress what you think is perfect for you but do remember to follow these tips if you want to rule the event. At StreetBazaar we have variety of anarkalis that can go with your body structure. Check them out and see what goes on your beautiful body.
posted in Business by Street Bazaar   Jun 06,2015 07:49 am