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Art Startups on the Rise?

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According to a report by Deloitte and ArtTactic published last year, the art world is seeing a shift towards the internet with more than 300 online ventures launched in recent years covering everything from data to social communities and auctions to B2B art transaction platforms.

Buying art online is another growing trend. In a research released by Hiscox group last April, the report saw 71% of art collectors surveyed buying artwork without seeing it in person first but basing their purchase decision on a digital image. So it’s no surprise that online art marketplaces are currently a popular space for entrepreneurs and becoming more and more crowded.

Additionally, established players (particularly, art auction house Christie’s) are increasingly turning to digital and internet giants are eyeing down the space with interest (see: Google’s Open Gallery initiative and Amazon Art).

With technology in the picture, art is gradually becoming more accessible to the general public, providing artists with more channels to reach buyers and democratizing the art world.

We currently have some great art/culture brands such as artistzone.com and artcommunity.com which could be developed to talk about these rising art startups.
posted in Art/Culture by Maida Barrientos   Dec 21,2014 22:12 pm